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Athlete Spotlight - Renee Stanfield

For my next athlete spotlight, allow me to introduce, Renee Stanfield.  I first met Renee on a group ride in Jackson, TN, years and years ago.  From our first meeting, I was so impressed with her determination and passion for cycling.  Our paths crossed numerous times at cycling events over the years.  Last year (2022), she started getting interested in swimming, and I convinced her to come see me for a swim lesson.  That progressed to her trusting me to coach her  . . . and here is her story:
Renee Stanfield
*age 54,
*Married 33 years, two grown boys
*one granddaughter; 1 year old
I started this whole fitness journey way back in 2009 when I started run/walking. I have lost approximately 70 plus pounds figuring everything out on my own. Figuring when to run and rest etc., including how am I going to change how I was eating.  
Speed up to 2016 when I started cycling...I seriously got bit by the bug, which lead into racing and riding crazy amounts of miles...
For about 2 years I continually thought about trying a triathlon.  I figured I definitely could ride and run...but the swimming...
The only swimming I did was what my dad taught me growing up, which means I didn't know HOW to actually swim. 
Last year I started taking actually swimming lessons from Kirsten because I wanted to FINALLY do a triathlon.  
The swimming lessons turned into hiring Kirsten as my coach.
Since having Kirsten as my coach, I have progressed so much and I don't have to figure out anything anymore!!
Greatest accomplishment(s) since having a coach:
*finishing my first ever triathlon; 
*having a goal of running a 5k under 14 minute mile pace. 
The 5k was done with a pace of 13:51 and I was 2nd in my division.
I absolutely love having Kirsten as my coach. 
When I think I have done terrible she is always encouraging and uplifting!
I'll just say; I live about 2 hours from Kirsten BUT I will drive 2 hours to be at Kirsten's anytime because that's how serious I am about doing the best I possibly can and I know Kirsten will help me to reach my goals.


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