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December 2016

Giving Thanks and Second Chances

Thanksgiving is long gone, but here are some updates (I'll keep it brief). . .  


The ‘Turkey Trot" has been a long-standing tradition in my family. Over the years more and more Thanksgiving-day races have appeared, but our standard is the Gold’s Gym Turkey Trot in Jackson, TN. Last year we decided to have a ‘non-traditional’ Thanksgiving at the beach…and managed to stop and do the race on the way (not all of my family members were terribly impressed by that decision - but it is hosted by a gym so there were showers after….)
This year it appeared to just be my father and I upholding the tradition - but my sister Robyn and brother Ty actually made it as well. And - it was great. Met up with friends and local competition - and was so thankful to be able to take part.


#756 is my sister Robyn...


     When my dad dropped me off at home, my children came charging out of the house all fired up. Sometime that morning, they went outside and found Waylon, right on the front porch. Lean, haggard, barely walking, but alive!!!!!!!


The vet reported he would be fine, just some serious arthritis.  That night when my family gathered together for Thanksgiving dinner, we went around the table each saying what we were thankful for.  When Sebastian's turn came, he just whispered, "Waylon".  







So, Waylon and my Dixie now have some super plush pillows just inside the front door.  These days when I head out for a run they sometimes come with me to the end of the driveway, other days they make it out the front door, and some days they shake their heads and pretend to keep sleeping. And, I am perfectly fine with any of those scenarios. Although the road remains empty beside me as I run, the ache in my heart is gone, and it is enough to have them at home to greet me when I return.   Not very often life hands you a second chance - I am beyond thankful.


And, with that, it seems the year is about complete. Here’ s a pretty good summary:


I have a soccer player, a pirate, an Elvis, a Merckx….and my Waylon. Can’t ask for more than that.

Hope you are as blessed. Merry, Merry Christmas. Life is Good.



(However, let me just add that if skunks are involved, that front door spot may have to be renegotiated).